About Journal

SciFed Journal of Telecommunication is an online international, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary open access journal, which provides a forum for scientists in communicating and investigating  the telecommunication networks, communication channels, modulation, wired communication, telecoms resilience, nano network, digital revolution, dual-tone multi-frequency signaling etc..

SciFed Journal of Telecommunication  publishes research article, review, mini review, rapid communications, case reports & letter to editors, short communications, image article, videos & graphical presentations etc. in the fields of electromagnetic radiation refers to the waves of the electromagnetic field, propagating through space carrying electromagnetic radiant energy, communication channels that send messages to one another and Multiplexing is a method by which multiple analog or digital signals are combined into one signal over a shared medium


Focused Areas for Publication:

wireless mesh network

 Channel assignment             
 Learning automata
 mHealth, self-care
 Mobile phone  
 Cloud services
 Decision support systems
 Modern wireless channel           
 Secure messaging
 Web application
 Linear spectral clustering
 Image segmentation
 Metrological assurance
 Power control               Routing protocols
 EDA  Personal health systems
 Rician fading  Web-services
 Android apps  Encryption
 Photometric  Kernel function
 Mobile Ad Hoc networks

Manuscript Submission

You should fill the cover letter before submitting the article, as it is an opportunity for the authors to highlight the significance of their research and concept to journal editors. It also justifies the relevance of the manuscript to the target journal. Make a thorough check with the submission guidelines mentioned in submit manuscript page (before submission) so that it will be helpful to the scientific community to publish original and genuine articles.

You may submit the manuscript at our online submission system or send to editorial.sfjtc@scifedpublishers.com or to submissions@scifedpublishers.com