Abdel Moneim Sulieman

University of Gezira

About Journal

SciFed Journal of Fermentation & Microbial Technology is an open access, international, peer reviewed journal that aims in publishing enormous esteemed manuscripts in various forms in the fields of application of biological and engineering principles to problems involving microbial, mammalian, and biological/biochemical systems. Fermentation may be a process that converts sugar to acids, gases or alcohol. It happens in yeast and bacterium, however additionally in oxygen-starved muscle cells, as within the case of carboxylic acid fermentation.

The journal mainly focuses in the areas of Fermentation technology which is in the use of organisms to produce food, pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages on a large scale industrial basis. In the case of microbial fermentation, enormous 100,000 litre steel tanks brew a ‘fungal broth’ which in turn is used as the scientific platform for the production of biofuels (instead of oil); food ingredients (rather than animal products); and medicines (instead of chemicals) etc.


Focused Areas for publication:

Enzyme immobilization           






Food Biotechnology

Metabolic engineering

Genetic engineering

DNA, RNA & Nucleotides           

Sugarcane bagasse processing

Beer production

Enzyme production

Biomaterial sciences


Microbial Metabolism

Microbial Fuel Cells

Biochemical engineering

Ethanol production

Methane Gas

Organic-inorganic hybrid 

Marine bionanotechnology

Microbial electrolysis cells




Biochips, Biosensors & bio processors

Genetics and gene expressions


Food waste processing


Manuscript Submission

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You may submit the manuscript at our online submission system or send to editorial.sfjmt@scifedpublishers.com or to submissions@scifedpublishers.com