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SciFed Journal of AIDS & HIV Research strives to end the HIV / AIDS epidemics by presenting significant new science in all the disciplines that advances our understanding of the biology, treatment and prevention of spreading HIV infection all over the world. The Journal is an Open Access, interdisciplinary resource for HIV and AIDS related information with a strong focus on basic and translational science, its clinical manifestations, AIDS-its prevention and care, palliative care for AIDS patients, molecular biology and epidemiology of HIV, antiviral treatments, viral immunology, safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens associated with treatment of HIV and co-infected patients, advances in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infections.

SciFed Journal of AIDS & HIV Research covers a wide range of themes associated to social issues related to HIV and AIDS encompassing clinical virology, molecular biology, epidemiology etc. It publishes vital research information on the advances in diagnosis and treatment of HIV infections, as well as recent developments of therapeutics and vaccine approaches.

Focused Areas for publication:

AIDS/HIV Awareness

AIDS Dementia Complex

Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS

CDC Classification System for HIV Infection

Circumcision and HIV

Clinico-pathological manifestations

HIV and Co-infections

Combination Therapies

Complications of HIV infection

Patient education 

Countries by AIDS Prevalence Rate

Defining AIDS Clinical Condition

R&D of drugs with novel mechanisms of action

Diagnosis and evaluation of HIV Infection

Diffuse Infiltrative Lymphocytosis Syndrome

Epidemiology of HIV

Gay Bowel Syndrome

HIV and TB

HIV drug resistance

HIV infection and pregnancy

HIV Prevention Science

HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy

HIV-Associated Nephropathy

HIV-Associated Pruritus

HIV/AIDS Denialism

Human Retroviruses

Identification of viral targets

Opportunistic Infections in HIV patients

Pathogenicity of HIV/AIDS

Molecular genetics of HIV

T-Helper cells affected with HIV

Pediatric HIV infection and AIDS

Post-exposure and pre-exposure prophylaxis

Prevention of HIV/AIDS

Public health and HIV prevention

Sex Education

AIDS Signs and symptoms

Spread, resistance and prevention methods

Structure and genome of HIV

Subtypes of HIV

HIV superinfection/HIV reinfection

Super AIDS

Tuberculosis co-infection

HIV Vaccine development

Viral targets

HIV and Psychiatry


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